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  1. KameronA

    Who's Putting Down A Deposit On The New 2022 Tundra?

    Mine said they have no idea what allocations they will get. All dealers will apparently get at least 1 truck in December. No list and no deposits
  2. KameronA

    i-Force Max or I-Force Engine [poll]

    Tough call! I'm waiting to see what the mpg savings will be vs cost premium. The other thing I'm considering is resell value if a non-hybrid engine will seem ancient in 7-10 years when I sell it. I don't love the idea of waiting for March, April, may... for the hybrid
  3. KameronA

    Order sheet?

    Any dealer reps out there that have the order spec sheets with options yet?
  4. KameronA

    Going to drive the new Tundra

    Is it possible to get leather on the sr5? I assume the only way will be with a premium trd off road package...
  5. KameronA

    Toyota friends and family pricing?

    Anyone know what discount is available through F&f for Toyota?
  6. KameronA

    HOT! Turbo Tundras - Founding Member Badge

    Howdy! I'm ready for pricing and getting something on order! Anyone familiar with Toyota friends and family discount structure?
  7. KameronA

    New member

    I believe build sheets are available to dealers. Can anyone confirm?
  8. KameronA

    Towing MPG with the Hybrid?

    The head engineer threw out some stats that suggested 7mpg towing max 12,000 lbs